also Czech and Slovak!



Can I send my documents to you by email and receive the translations by email?
Yes, please send us your documents for translation by email. We can usually do the translations from your email documents and send them to you either by post or email.

How quickly can you do translations?
We can usually do simple translations within 2-4 days.
Urgent translations can be done within 24 hours, but will attract an additional fee. Please specify if you wish translations to be sent to you by Express Post.

Can I pay for translations by bank transfer?
Yes, payment can be paid directly into our bank account via Internet banking.

Will my documents and translations be treated as confidential?
Yes. All documents and information obtained in the course of the translation process are treated as private and confidential. In special situations (e.g. sensitive business negotiations), a confidentiality agreement can be provided.

How are Russian and Ukrainian personal and place names spelled in English in translations of personal documents?
As far as possible, standard transliteration procedures are used for the spelling of personal and place names in English. If required, a translator's note can be added in the case of discrepancies.

Services Overview

We provide certified translations from Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Slovak.

• Sydney-based Russian-English Translation Service
• A single source for all Russian and Ukrainian translations!
• We also do Czech and Slovak translations.
• Highest quality at a reasonable cost.
• Specialising in NAATI certified translations for immigration and educational purposes.